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for the dignity of the individual and the common good, all of nature sing.

Jacqui sings, dances, and composes outdoors to be one with nature, this photo and the silk scarf is by Matthew Rutten.







Jacqui is currently completing a book; a selection from over one hundred compositions - sacred and secular works, including song cycles. Her first concert this year will be in May. Also this year, a visit to ireland to research, and lunchtme concerts in Adelaide and St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, also a charity concert.


Tresno, a dance opera commissioned by Chamber Made Opera for Sydney Festival: Tresno video excerpt. (1995. 2 mins 25 secs).
Excerpt of Lyrebird Themes, a radiophonic work commissioned by A.B.C.Radio (2005. 41 secs)
Recordings by Australian Broadcasting Commission: Jacqui singing improvisations as nature (2009. 27 secs) Jacqui singing Puer Natus (2009. 1 min 46 secs)
Video of Jacqui and Livia Judge (flute), a composed improvisation for The Melbourne Composers League 2015.
Sacred, Classical, and Celtic (2015: 3 mins 45 secs) recorded at a Sacred Stage charity concert
Concert Video of Jacqui singing Improvisations as Nature live for a solo lunchtime concert at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne. (2015. 45 secs)
Famine Letters Video Jacqui singing and Mary Knights-Rutten (Jacqui's mum) playing piano. (2016: 3 mins 31 secs)

Lyrebird (bulen-bulen) song with piano (2016 1 min 17 secs)

Video Excerpt of Memorial soprano and orchestra, performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland (2016, 1min 51secs.) Memorial excerpt performed by Dandenong Ranges Orchestra (2016: 47 secs)
The Lake of Coolfin with string quartet (2017. 3 mins 56 secs) Rehearsal only. The Lake of Coolfin with piano (2017, 3:04) Live performance for Melbourne Composer League with Danae Killian
Live performance of Annamaghkerrig at Melbourne Composers League 20th Anniversary concert 2017.
Live performance at Burrinja Cultural Centre Improvisations as Nature 2018 (2018: 1 min 3 secs) Claire Ransome (violin) & Gitta Green (viola). Remembrance - sacred song (2018)
To purchase CD simply email:info@sacredstage.com.au

Photo of Jacqui composing in Ireland, by Betty Joyce


You can read a full biography and purchase Jacqui's music at The Australian Music Centre website where she is a Represented Composer.



Article in Local Paper

Article at Australian Music Centre about composing residency

Article in Tintean magazine abut composing an Irish Blind Poetess.

List of works

Make friends with Jacqui on

Selective list of previous performances, recordings, and compositions


Composer in Residence for two weeks at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland, completed song cycle "The Blind Poetess".

Sacred Stage charity concert for a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness.. 12 local 'hills' artists shared their gift of music, at Sassafras Kennon Memorial Uniting Church. Sponsored by Bell Real Estate Emerald. Also, free tix donated by The Comic's Lounge.

A Gallery concert of women's musical compositions. Burrinja Cultural Centre,

Recipient of Shire of Yarra Ranges grant from Small Grants Program for Gallery Concert of Women's Musical Compositions at Burrinja Cultural Centre.

Charity concert at St. Peter's Eastern Hill, with Livia Judge (flute) and Danae Killian (piano).

Premiere of song cycle "The Blind Poetess" at Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society, with Diane Froomes (cello), also other music with local artists.


Artist in Residence at Montsalvat for one month.

Melbourne Composers League 20th Anniversary CD. The 3 CD set is available at a very reasonable $25 (free shipping) from this link and you can hear the short piece in a live performance, co-composed with Livia Judge (flute) based on Jacqui's concept.Artist in residence at Montsalvat for the month of April.

St. Patrick's Day concert with Livia Judge (flute) St. Paul's Cathedral Melbourne

15th Anniversary of Improvisations as Nature at Marybrooke Manor.

Charity concert with local artists, including cello and didgeridoo, string quartet, Irish folk, Purcell and Bach, in 'the hills' on , an event partnered by Emerald Community House.,

Soup and Singing concert at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Knox, with my mother Mary Knights-Rutten.

Awarded a Shire of Yarra Ranges Cultural Grant in the Social Inclusion category, for a charity concert for a shelter for homeless women and children. The event was also sponsored by Bell Real Real Estate Emerald, and supported by the venue, Tecoma Uniting Church. With 11 local hills' musicians, and with 2/3 of the concert being new works or improvisations, $1200 was given to the shelter.

Premierre of two compositions for voice and piano compositions in Ireland, performed for the Melbourne Composers League 20th Anniverary concert with Danae Killian (piano)

Awards and Grants

2018 Shire of Yarra Ranges Cultural Grant

2017. Shire of Yarra Ranges Cultural Grant

2015. Phonographic Performance Company of Australia grant.

2003. Shire of Yarra Ranges Cultural Grant.

2001. Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer service to the community for volunteer work at Mission Impossible.

1991. Australia Council Study Grant

1991. Indonesian Government dharmasiswa (bursary)

1989. BP Award for post-graduate study.


Composing residency at Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Ireland in August /September.

Memorial for soprano and orchestra composed by Jacqui, and performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland by St. Malachi's Catholic College and guest soprano.

Premiere performance of Memorial for soprano and orchestra, composed by Jacqui for centenary of Easter Rising in Dublin. Dandenong Ranges, Symphony Orchestra with guest soprano. Monbulk Primary School's Performing Arts Centre.

Jacqui's suite for recorder and piano Annamaghkerrig to recorder's Alley premiered by Moments Musicale at Holy Trinity Anglican Church,

St. Patrick's Day concert: 'Music for Ireland and St Patrick' at St. Paul's Cathedral with Jacqui singing and Mary Kinghts-Rutten (piano) and Laurence Moore (baritone),

Improvisations as Nature, an informal gathering, including Jacquie Spriing, Christina Green, Stax, Mary Knights-Rutten, Jane Coleman, Ruth Bauer, and Matthew Rutten.

Performance with Livia Judge (flute) for Melbourne Shakespeare Society Fundraiser at the English Speaking Union.

Pave Festival concert with Livia Judge (flute) Emerald Community House Hall

Singing of Lyrebird Improvisation for opening of Kurth Kiln Festival.

Melbourne Composers League - featuring local Melbourne composers. Jacqui sang a piece called Lyrebird (bulen-bulen) song.

Charity concert at Tecoma Uniting Church. We made $540 for a shelter for homeless women and children.

Concerts with Livia Judge (flute) at Kinross Gallery and Richmond Uniting Church.

Release of CD - Relics to Real Time with flautist, Livia Judge, please email for purchase.


Composing residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, County Monaghan, Ireland, to compose a 20 min soprano and small orchestra piece Memorial . Also informal appearances at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and at Ennis Traditional Music festival sessions, Ireland.

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia grant towards travel to composing residency in Ireland.

Melbourne Women's Choir premiered Jacqui's setting of Victimae Paschali Laudes.

Improvising singer for the opening of Dances With Lyrebirds, photos of Gretel Taylor by Kate Baker with soundscape by Anthony Magen.

(see photo below by Suzanne Phoenix, 2015 )

Melbourne Composers' League concert at Montsalvat - duets with Livia Judge (flute).

Solo Lunchtime Concert at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne.

Sacred, Classical and Celtic concert with Miriam Morris (viola da gamba) and Johanna Selleck (flute) at Emerald Community House.

Singing for opening of Kurth Kiln festival.

Featured composer on www.musicofourmothers.com

A Garland of Roses - a concert of Women Composers, also featuring Johanna Selleck, Christina Green, and others, Sassafras Uniting Church.

Kinross Gallery, Toorak, concert with Livia Judge

Move Studios Recording with Livia Judge.

Charity Concert for women and children experiencing homelessness, premierre of Jacqui's new works and guest artists: Laurence Moore, Helen Womack, Johanna Selleck, Jane Coleman, Mary Knights-Rutten, Monica edwards, Peg Whalley and Sngularity Choir.


Delegate for music conference "Composition in the 21st Century" at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Jacqui composing in Ireland.

Photo of "Beautiful presentation by Jacqui Rutten of Belgrave, Australia about vocal improvisation and composition" https://twitter.com/TCDcomposition/media

St. Patrick's Day concert at St. Gerard's parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland .

Kurth Kiln Festival (near Gembrook) Singing for opening.

St. Patrick's Day concert with Christina Green and Mick Ryan at the Celtic Club, Melbourne.

Compositions Jacqui composes with just pen and paper, often outdoors, to include the sounds of nature, and the environment. Memorial is a recent example of this process. A piano is used to check pieces. then they are printed with sibelius first, a notation program. Jacqui's music may be purchased from The Australian Music Centre website. Jacqui's compositions have been performed for Sacred Stage concerts, major festivals and the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Visit her list of works and purchase them at the Australian Music Centre where she is a Represented Composer of the Australian Music Centre.Two examples of Jacqui's compositions:"Tresno" is a dance opera commissioned by Chamber Made Opera for the Sydney Festival 1995, remounted for the Greenmill Dance Festival and recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Melbourne's Age newspaper described the piece as "state of the art": Video excerpt. 2 mins 25 secs. "Lyrebird Themes" is a 20 min radiophonic work commissioned and broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Commission 2005, Classic FM "Festival of Birds", also rebroadcast, and remixed by Jim Atkins for Radio National Bush Telegraph. Listen for the singing in this 41 secs excerpt of the original.Memorial (2015) is a 10 min work for soprano and orchestra, a memorial to the easter Rising in Dublin in 1916 The Dandenong Ranges Orchestra performance: 47 secs excerpt and Belfast performance. (1 min 51 secs).

Melbourne Composers' League Elbow Room concert, 10 min performance at The Wesley Anne, Northcote.

Cantor for Good Friday service at St. Cuthbert's Church, Menzies Creek.

Concert at Emerald Community House.

Improviser for 'A General Assembly of Interested Parties' at Testing Grounds, Southbank.

Presenter of Performance Seminar at Box Hill Tafe.

Lunchtime concert at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne.

Charity concert for a shelter for homeless women and children. Also appearing: Laurence Moore, Johanna Selleck, Jane Coleman, Mary Knights-Rutten, Sam Derrick, the Loude Band and Singularity choir. Sassafras Kennon Memorial Uniting Church.

Melbourne Composers League Elbow Room concert. Performance with Peter Simondson Trio.


Recording Highlights Only

2017 Melbourne Composers League 20th Anniversary CD.Birdsong Improvisations with Livia Judge (flute)

2016 Relics to Real Time CD recorded at Move Records Studio with Livia Judge (flute). Please email to purchase this CD.

2010 ABC Broadcast of Lyrebird Themes 20min radiophonic work commissioned by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio in 2005

2010 Broadcast of Jacqui's arrangement of Puer Natus on Christmas day on ABC Radio

2004 Sacred CD with Cath Connelly (Celtic harp)

2004 Shelter 20 minute radiophonic work commissioned and broadcast by ABC Radio

2004 CD Soul's Desire with Mary Knights-Rutten (cello and singing bowls)

2003 Singer for ABC AdLib web project by Jon Rose

1994 Tresno dance opera commissioned by Chamber Made Opera recorded by ABC Radio

1992 Live to Air Improvisation for John Cage Memorial ABC Radio

1991 Singing for gamelan Live to Air Radio Republik Indonesia

1991 Release of independent cassette Balcony recorded at ABC Radio

1989 Soprano for Sir Jonathan Mills Four Songs recorded by ABC Radio

1989 Soprano for Warren Burt's Thoreau Fragments recorded by ABC Radio

1985 Marian Song Cycle recorded with Anne Norman (shakuhachi)

1985 Soprano for David Chesworth's opera Insatiable recorded by ABC Radio

1983 Back up vocalist for Not Drowning Waving's first album Another Green Pond.

Improvisations as Nature - perfect sunny weather this year for house and garden gathering with artists: Mary Knights-Rutten (musician), Christina Green (singer/songwriteer/composer), Lisa Dean (singer/songwriter), Gretel Taylor (dancer), Mick Ryan (Irish singer), guitar/composer (Peter Simondson) Sam Mallet (composer/guitar), Sam Derrick (singer/piano and Celtic harp), Jacqui singing/improvising and playing instruments and assorted children and family members joining in..

Solo concert and cantor for service at Port Pirie Anglican Cathedral, South Australia.

Sacred, Classical and Celtic An Afternoon Concert..The Loude Band - Renaissance wind music, Jacqui Rutten – sacred and Celtic vocal music, Mary Knights-Rutten – classical piano, Sam Derrick – Celtic harp and singing, Christina Green – songwriter, composer and performer, Stax the Didgeman. Kennon Memorial Uniting Church. All proceeds to a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness.

Solo concert at KInross Gallery, Uniting Arts, Toorak.

Member of Melbourne Composers League.

Processional Music for Belgrave Lantern Parade.

Songs of Courage and Hope - Solo concert at Celtic Club, Melbourne.

Solo performance for Pave Festival. St. Marks Church, Emerald.

Singing for opening of the Kurth Kiln Festival Gembrook.

Sacred Stage solo concert UCA Bondi Beach Mission, NSW.

Cantor and performances for Echuca Moama Celtic Festival.

Solo Sacred Stage performance, Uniting Church Queenscliff.


Cantor for Kyabram Christian Music Festival. harvestfest.org.au.

Fundraising concert for shelters in Gosford, NSW at Umina Uniting Church..

Sang at Irish music sessions - Celtic Club, Kyneton, Upwey, Ferntree Gully and Selby Open Stage, and I sang my favourite "Ave" for the James Connolly Association, Melbourne Branch.

Solo concert at Emerald Community House Hall.

Appearance for Women Composers Concert - Montrose Town Centre.

Sacred, Classical and Celtic Music Concert - Sassafras Uniting Church, with harps, piano, cello, flute and singers. Proceeds to a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness.

Photo of Jacqui at Performance for Oxfam Benefit Concert, Upwey. 2012

Sacred Stage performance at Narre Warren Library.

Concert of Celtic sacred music at St. Michael's Anglican Church for St. Patrick's Day.

Broadcast on Hildegard to Hildegard, Southwest UK.

Singing for Exhibition opening of Matthew Rutten's silk art. (Matthew is Jacqui's brother).

New compositions, available at The Australian Music Centre.


New CD Ornamental Chant.

Broadcast of Lyrebird Themes (20 min radio work) commissioned by ABC Radio (2005) on ABC Classic FM.

"The Tree of Life" featuring composed/ improvised music and dance at Kallista Mechanics Hall - Marilyn Copeland (dance), Jacqui Rutten (voice), Mary Knights-Rutten (cello), Rachel Nendick (saxaphone), Matthew Rutten (drumming). A fundraiser for Victorian Flood Relief.

Sacred vocal compositions held at State Library of Victoria, National Library, Canberra, and The Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne.

Palm Sunday concert at St. Michael's Anglican Church, Kalorama.

Member of Lyrebird Music Society and the Celtic Club.

Composing trip to Queenscliff.

Being and light - a concert of Celtic inspired sacred music at Belgrave Catholic Church, and Kallista Mechanics Hall.


Broadcast of original music on ABC Classic FM on Christmas Day - arrangement of "Puer Natus" for guitar and voice, and "Lyrebrid Music". Also, studio recording for ABC Radio.

Concerts - Women Composers' Concert at Montrose Town Centre, St. Cecilia's Day at The Chalice Northcote, A Classical Concert with Mary Knights-Rutten (piano) at Sasafrass Uniting Church.

House concerts for Corpus Christi, Christmas in July, Birthday Performance.

Classical singing teaching Jacqui has taught singing privately and at VCA Dance School and at Lauriston Girls school. She teaches a style which is about singing with the natural voice, singing as nature; to be part of nature. Repertoire includes classical singing: opera, English art song, German lieder, and French chausson. Jacqui specialises in sacred music, improvisation, Irish folk song and ornamentation. Jacqui is happy to prepare students of all ages and levels for auditions, competitions, AMEB and performances, and for those who would like to sing for pleasure. Lessons are held with piano in Belgrave, close to public transport, and parking available. Jacqui's singing teachers were opera singers, Cavil Poli, Junewyn Jones, and Nance Grant. Assisted by a BP Award, Jacqui completed a post-graduate diploma of opera and music theatre at the Victorian College of the Arts. Jacqui's singing teacher at the VCA was Gerald English, and she had extra lessons from Dame Joan Hammond, Brian Hansford and the visiting Cantica Voice Studio, from London, England. After learning gamelan from Pak Poedijono in Melbourne, Jacqui learnt ornamental singing in Java, at Sekolah Tinngi Seni Indonesia with Pak Darsono, assisted by Australian and Indonesian awards. She also had lessons from Pak Guru Parno, Ibu Supadmi, and Pak Tarman.She is a member of APRA/AMCOS The Australian Performing Rights Association/Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society. VMTA Rate of $65 per hour applies. Half hour lessons and concessions available.

Improvisations as Nature washed out to informal cuppa.

Compilation CD Sacred Singing.

10 days cultural visit to Ubud, Bali, in March, including visits to many galleries, attending performances of women's gamelan and kecak, street festival rituals for Hari Nyepi festival, a lesson in Balinese dance at Agung Rai Museum of Art, a lesson with Mekar Bhuana, and a cultural day tour.


Christmas, excerpts of a one act sacred opera by Jacqui Rutten, featuring Anne-Maria Plevier, and Sam Derrick, also featuring solos, at Kallista Mechanics Hall.

Other Sacred Stage performances - Kallista Uniting Church, Anglican church Upper Ferntree Gully, Kallista Mechanics Hall, and house concerts for Ordinary Time, Easter Saturday, and a comic sacred stage performance.

Composing trip to Darwin, Kakadu, and Litchfield, N.T.

Improvisations as Nature, Sherbrooke Forest, Kallista. A small gathering including Rainer Linz.


Sacred Video - 8 mins 60 secs features highlights of performances.

Winner of vistaprint.com.au Small Business Starter Kit.

Melbourne Composers League, performance for Elbow Room Concert at Dante’s.

The Kingdom of Heaven a sacred chamber opera by jacqui rutten about work, song, & earth for singers, dancer, strings, and silk painting. Cecil Street Studios, Conductor - John Collins. Singers and strings, and backdrop by Matthew Rutten

Good Friday Jacqui Rutten (singer) - sacred music at Original St Martin's Church.

Visit to Townsville. One week decorating musical score of Kingdom of Heaven.

House and garden performances - the work of various artists were featured including Jacquie Spring (harp and French horn), Colin McKellar (composer), Sydney artists Arie van Duijn and Ellin Krinsly, Jarek Czechowicz (guitarist and Peace Music). Other artists included Anne-Maria Plevier (potter and singer), Lee Emmett (poet) and Matthew Rutten (silk artist).

La Mama Theatre Exploration Series - a solo performance by Jacqui Rutten.


Sacred Stage registered in Victoria.

....Jacqui's Background work....


Improvisations as Nature - small gathering of music, spoken word, and art at Beagly's Bridge and Grant's Picnic Ground, Dandenong Ranges, artists included Gretel Taylor (movement), Gianni Montalto (singing), Sam Derrick (harp), and Marion Spires (poetry).

TILT gallery performance.

Concert for St. Cecilia's Day. Frankston Catholic Church. Also featuring Christina Green.

Burrinja - Classics in the Caf.

Composing Womens Concert  Boite World Music Cafe. Solo & for four singers.

Melbourne Composers' League. 'Elbow Room Concert' at The Loop. Solo.

“Winds of Change” pre-election concert on housing affordability. Noise Bar, Brunswick. Shelter radiophonic work commissioned by ABC Radio (2004) broadcast as pre-show music.

Sacred Stage solo concerts at St. Brigid's, Healesville, West Brunswick Catholic Church, The Michael Centre, Donwood, St. Bernadette's Nursing Home, and Corpus Christi Nursing Homes, and Chapel on Station Gallery.

Winterfest, Warburton, with guests Simon Charles (saxaphone), RupertG (violin), and Rod Cooper (metalic sound sculptures).

Sacred Stage at Warburton Mechanics Hall. Also featuring Ros Bandt, Simon Charles, RupertG, Rod Cooper, and Brigid Burke.

Christ A sacred opera. Kallista Mechanics Hall - an original sacred opera - 6 singers, narrator, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, singing bowls. Backdrop painting by Matthew Rutten. Conducted by John Collins, directed by Jacqui. with discounts provided by Ferntree print , Kallista Mechanics Hall, & m & m gifts.

Anglican Church Philip Island - concert wth Cath Connelly Celtic harp.

Limited Edition CD released featuring ornamental chant, recorded at ABC radio - Sacre Liber

Certificate 4 in Business (small business management) Box Hill Institute.


Improvisations, Images, and Ideas. Kallista Mechanics Hall. 11 perfomers including Jarek Czechowicz (guitar).

fortyfivedownstairs St. Cecilia's Day concert with Mary Knights-Rutten (cello) and Cath Connelly (Celtic harp).

Improvisations with Nature party. 13 guests.

Singing for The River Story a staging of Wurundjeri story for the Healesville Community Festival.

Kildara  - solo performance of original sacred song.

Australian Catholic University - lunchtime concert of original sacred song.

Monash University - study towards Bachelor of Social Work (2002-2006).

Volunteer at Mission Impossible Drop-In Centre (2000-2006). Acting manager one/two days for two years.


Lyrebird Themes - a 20 minute radiophonic work commissioned by ABC Radio, premierred on Classic FM Festival of Birds.

Regular cantor at St. Patrick's Cathedral from 1999 to 2005.

Improvisations with Nature - curator - Kallista Tea Rooms, 4 performers including Gianni Montalto (voice).

International Human Rights Day benefit - Black GST. Brunswick Town Hall. Solo voice & guitar.

Elbow Room Concert presented by the Melbourne Composers League at Burrinja - solo - 3 songs performed.

Burrinja  composer presentation including  s a c r e d   s o n g s.

ascension   CD of experimental sacred music for voice and computer.

s a c r e d   s o n g s   solo concerts  -  St John's Catholic Church Ferntree Gully, St Joseph's Catholic Church West Brunswick.

"The result is not pastiche , travelogue or shopping music but a series of compositions sincerely crafted, they hold together in a very personal way" ABC Onine, AdLib.

Ordinary Time   CD of original sacred music for voice and computer based on Gregorian chant.

Make it up club - Bar Open, Fitzroy - Solo improvisation performance - focus on the sacred.

'Sacred' - A meditative concert of original songs by Jacqui Rutten with Celtic harp by Cath Connelly: Ecumenical Summer School, Queens College, University of Melbourne, & St. Philip's Anglican Church, Philip island.

"an appreciative audience enjoyed songs and Celtic harp music...in all the hurly burly of Cowes in January, it was a joy to take time out" Philip Island Advertiser.and Advertiser (21-01-05)


Shelter a 15 minute radiophonic work explorong home and homelessness. Commissioned by ABC Radio, also broadcast for The Perth Bienalle of Electronic Arts.

The Boite - Jacqui Rutten (voice), Mary Knights-Rutten (cello & singing bowls), & Cath Connelly (Celtic harp).

Selby Spring Arts Festival...A programme of sacred music (original songs, improvisations & extant works) Jacqui Rutten: voice & Mary Knights-Rutten: cello and organ.

Independent CD Soul's Desire - sacred songs and ambient meditations (also featuring Mary Knights-Rutten: cello.

'Sacred' concerts with Cath Connelly (celtic harp)......Kallista Uniting Church, Kildara Centre, Malvern, Trafalgar Anglican Church, Burwood Anglican Church, Neerim South Anglican Church, Barwon Heads Anglican Church.

Release of independent CD  'S a c r e d' -  live recordings of sacred songs, also featuring - Cath Connelly - Celtic harp.

Baroque sacred music for opening of Cameo cinema.

Sacred Baroque - trio with Miriam Morris and John O'Donnell 2002-2004. Concerts at Hampton Catholic Church, Montrose Town Centre, and The British Music Society.

Improvisations with Nature - Kallista Communty House, 8 performers including Suzanne Frisk (voice). Also events in April and July, 8 performers including Trish Sykes (writer).


Two concerts with Cath Connelly (Celtic harp), also recorded - All Saints Catholic Church, Fitzroy.

A concert for St. Cecilia's Day with Cath Connelly (Celtic harp) - Mt. Dandenong Catholic Church. 

'Kyrie' - composed improvisation for voice & piano.

Shire of Yarra Ranges Cultural Grant for Improvisations wth Nature . Burrinja Gallery. 8 performers, including Shane Charles (didgeridoo).


'Kyrie' - composed improvisation for voice & javanese siter - performed at local venues.

Four of 'sacred songs' recorded by Sam Mallet.

Improvisations with Nature - Dandenong Ranges National Park. 9 performers, including composers Warren Burt and Catherine Schieve with an audience of around 40 people in the forest.

1999 -2003

Solo performances of 'sacred songs'  (voice & guitar) at various venues including the Boite, cafes, community & Christian events.


Bachelor of Arts awarded from University of Melbourne.

Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer service to the community for volunteer work at Mission Impossible.

Conductor of Sing Australia Choir, Tecoma.

Composed 'Laudamus Te' for mezzo-soprano, cello & violin - rehearsed with (the late) Joy fletcher (cello) & John North (violin).

Travel to Indonesia - purpose being to become familiar with Balinese dance and music.


Solo vocal realisation of 'sacred melodies' recorded for physical theatre project H2O performance at Melbourne City Baths.

Performance of 'sacred songs' at St. Michael's church, Kalorama with Mary Knights-Rutten (cello).

Completed Pre-Novitiate with Salesian Sisters.


Improvised performance of some of the 'sacred melodies' with Warren Burt (electronics) at the Planet Cafe, Fitzroy.

One of 'sacred songs' recorded as fragment for David Chesworth's Olympic Stadium soundscape.


Funded by federal government to compose & perform sacred songs - produced two books - 'sacred songs' (27 sacred songs with chords) & 'sacred melodies' (46 latin melodies in javanese notation to be improvised upon).


Song cycle of Marian sacred songs composed - performed with Anne Norman (shakuhachi) at Linden New Music & recorded.


Mourning Song. Commissioned by The Composing Womens Festival. 2 medium voices and 2 singers.

Tresno (Love) Composed as a meditation. Commissioned by Chamber Made Opera for The Sydney Festival, remounted for The Greenmill Dance Festival and recorded by ABC Radio. 2 Medium voices, chorus, dancers, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bonang.

"What prevails is a beautiful fluid performance that is truly captivating." Beat."This is a chamber work (just 65 minutes) of great subtletly" The Australian. "A state of the art piece" The Sunday Age.

Composer/ musical director/instumentalist & singer for Next Wave Festival production "The Widow's Veil".


Composition/performance at the Melbourne Planetarium by the Contemporary Music Events Company.

Co-devised work for the Melbourne Festival - Chamber Made Opera presentation of the Shrieking Divas. The group also performed in Sydney warehouse "Sid's Place" & at other Melbourne venues.


Study of Javanese gamelan with the assistance of an Australia Council grant and the Indonesian government dharmasiswa at Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia, Solo, Java. One year study grant.


Solo vocal composition/improvisation for Asia Pacific Festival, New Zealand.

"Wun da na gi" Sung improvisation for John Cage Memorial ABC Radio National.


Radio National Live concert - Sung improvisations with Matthew Cunliffe (piano) & Tom Sega (saxaphone) live to air (Hobart).

Cassette of original multitracked vocal compositions "Balcony" produced by the ABC.

Lead soprano role in Chamber Made Opera production "Stroke". Nominated for Best performer in opera Green Room Award for this performance.

1990 & 1991-1992 : Performances in Solo, Indonesia.


Self-funded visit to Indonesia to learn about sindhen (singing for gamelan). Studied voice with Pak Tarman, learnt gamelan in Mojolaban, and visited STSI. Also visited STSI Padang Panjang, West Sumatera. also briefly visited Singapore & Bali.


Singer (pesindhen) for Monash gamelan & Melbourne Community Gamelan. Performances included the First National Gamelan Festival in 1995.


"Soprano for ABC Radio recording "Four Songs" by J.Mills.

Tutto'l do piango" - original arrangements of Caccini piece sung on ABC FM.

The Great Dodo Opera - solo performance devised for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Directed by Douglas Horton.

Commisioned vocal work for Physical Culture festival, Gertrude Contemporary Art spaces.

Co-composer/improvising singer for Handspan Theatre production "Banquet".

Composer/singer for Sydney "Fashion" Festival, Entertainment Centre.

Co-composer, musical director & performer for Theatreworks outdoor production "Tales from the Horses Mouth".

Singing teacher at the Victorian College of the Arts, School of Dance.

Soprano for "Fragments of Thoreau" by W.Burt, ABC Radio.

Adaptation of Cosi fan Tutte - group devised. Role of Fiordilidgi. Commissioned by Piccolo Spoleto, presented at the Blessington Gardens Ampitheatre, Fitzroy. Remounted at the Northcote Ampitheatre on the Yarra.


Singer for Victoria State Opera chorus, productions : Madam Butterfly & Turandot (Melbourne State Theatre).

Singer in Shrieking Divas with Andree Greenwell, Hope Csturos, and other women.


Post-Graduate Diploma of Arts in Music - Victorian College of the Arts Opera Studio

BP Award for post-grduate study.

Role of maid in Chamber Made Opera production "The Heiress" by Hollier.

Soprano in "Four Songs" by J.Mills, recorded by ABC Radio.

Singer/performer for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

Stage Director for masque "Cupid & Death" commissioned for The Bicentennial Children's Festival.


Understudy for one year of two roles (both performed) for Victoria State Opera opera in schools production "Twice Upon A Time".

Role of Spirit for the Victoria State Opera Youth Company performance of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Melbourne State Theatre.

Stage Director of opera by Ion Pearce at Sydney's Performance Space.


Associate Diploma of Opera & Music Theatre - Victorian College of the Arts Opera Studio.

Two roles in Barry Kosky's production "La Calisto", University of Melbourne.

1985 - 2000

Role of soprano in David Chesworth's "Insatiable". Performed live at Melbourne Glasshouse Theatre & the Performance Space (Sydney). Later recorded as video for television, funded by the Australian Film Commission & recorded by the ABC. Several tracks released on CD "Wicked Voices" in 2000.


Private singing teacher.


Singer on Paul Healy's "Release"; independently released cassette.


Singer on Not Drowning, Waving album "Another Green Pond".

Cantor for the First Church of Christian Science.

1982-present : Co-composer/singer in collaboration with others:

From 1982 to 1988, I worked with Paul Healy and others regularly in bands & for recording projects. Venues we performed at included the Prince of Wales Hotel, St.Kilda; the Esplanade Hotel, St.Kilda; the Tote, Collingwood and Melbourne University. 

1982: Trio formed with (the late) Jamie Fielding (keyboards) & Pete Jones (drums).

Collaborations on many improvised works including performances with Michael Sheridan, Hope Csturos, Warren Burt, Ruth Bauer, Anne Norman, the Shrieking Divas, the Melbourne Improvisers Association & others.

Many of these performances have been in the context of alternative 'bands'. Venues for these peformances have included inner-city warehouses, hotels & galleries such as the Esplanade Hotel, the Women's Gallery, Linden Gallery and live to Air 3PBS FM.

(See above for more recent collaborations)


Co-composed three part harmony original songs & arrangements of pop songs. Performed at the Pancake Parlor, a private yacht expedition & busked in Melbourne.


HSC - MacRobertson Girls High School, including singing.


Original religious songs composed & performed for the Focolare (interdenominational movement).

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