Recent work: Musical Sketches of Ireland . I composed this work in Ireland in March 2023 and presented for a charity concert in May 2023. Recording of rehearsal with Kelsy de Prada (flute) and Cora Teeuwen (viola). NB Excerpt only

If you would like to play this piece and other musical sketches simply purchase the notation.

Jacqui singing Improvisations as nature
Jacqui singing Puer Natus (traditional Catholic chant) recorded by ABC Radio 2009, broadcast Christmas Day
Two of my songs recorded in 2019, for the Melbourne Composers League with Danae Killian (piano): Lyrebird (bulen-bulen) Song, and Child in the Manger.
The Lake of Coolfin (my composition of extant text).
Musicians: Jane Coleman: violin I, Claire Ransome: violin ii, Gitta Green: viola, Jenny Rowlands: cello. Recorded by Jenny Rowlands at Emerald Community House, Vic, Australia, where the Wurundjeri are the traditional owners of the land. Sat 4 March, 2017.
Birdsong Improvisations for the Melbourne Composers League with flute by Livia Judge
My composition Memorial for soprano and small orchestra, performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2014.
My composition and editing of words from the famine, with my mother, Mary Knights-Rutten.
Improvisations as Nature – my piano improvisation, recorded by Radio Adelaide 2019

More videos available on google.