Jacqui singing Improvisations as nature
Puer Natus from The Liber Usualiis, recorded and broadcast by ABC Radio
Improvisations as Nature – my piano improvisation, recorded by Radio Adelaide 2019
My composition Memorial, includes an arrangement of Victimae Paschali Laudes for soprano and small orchestra, performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 2014.
Mum and I recorded by Move Studios, from the Song Cycle Nature’s Bounty
My composition and editing of words from the famine, with my mother, Mary Knights-Rutten, recorded at Move Studios, fom the Song Cycle Nature’s Bounty
Improvisations as Nature with Claire Ransome (violin) and Gitta Green (viola). Recorded by Timothy Laurence at a Women Composers Concert at Burrinja Cultural Centre, sponsored by the Yarra Ranges Council. Music available for purchase at The Australian Music Centre website:

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