Current Projects

Improvisations as Nature, a daily practice.

This year I am hoping to continue curating and composing and singing for more inclusive and charity concerts involving singers, musicians, and other artists in “the hills”. There is already some in-kind support for this work.

2020 is also a journey along the theme of Song as a Sacred Pathway into Nature, a project I began about two years ago (see CV) which has involved travel to Ireland and concerts in Melbourne and Adelaide.

A recent composition for the Festival of Bells, is a setting of a poem from an earlier century, when power was supplied by the river and a water-wheel.

Song as a Sacred Pathway into Nature took me briefly into other art forms, influenced by my brother Matthew Rutten, a painter.


Festival of Bells. Old Cathedral, West Melbourne. A composition for choir and bells. POSTPONED due to corona.

Concert and Presentation about my research in Armagh (Ard Macha) and composing residency in the island of Ireland in 2019. The theme of the presentation is Song as a Sacred Pathway into Nature. (POSTPONED)

Planning and composing and rehearsing is underway for further Sacred Stage concerts to be presented when the pandemic restrictions are over.

Annamaghkerrig, Ireland

Previous performances