Current Projects

Improvisations as Nature, a daily practice.

Our NEXT CHARITY CONCERT is being planned for 2025 and shall hopefully be in memory of The Cherry Tree Orchard, in the Dandenong Ranges Botanical Gardens. The charity concert is for peace.


I am pleased to tell you Sacred Stage gave over $500 to Dandenong Ranges Emergency Relief Service from our last charity concert ” Nature and the Sacred” in April 2024. We received a Shire of Yarra Ranges Small Grant of $1000 which covered costs of hall, fliers, and something for musicians. About 20 people performed.

Also, we won an Annual Australian Enterprise Awards for Most Dedicated Music Initiative 2024, not a monetary prize.

*Jacqui travelled to Ireland for artistic composing retreat in March 2023. Fruits of this journey included a short orchestral work called For Peace which is due to be performed by our local Dandenong Ranges Orchestra late 2024.

I have been composing many new works – songs, string quartets, orchestra works, all hand-written with calligraphy and drawings, in volumes.